Go Yoga Promotional Shoot


I’d worked with Sophie, owner and yoga teacher at Go Yoga, Harrogate earlier this year after we’d connected on Twitter. She’d seen I’d shot yoga before and wanted fresh photography for new publicity material. As we had a tight deadline the class had to be Hot Yoga – a new challenge for my Canon kit, everything held up well though even at it’s steamiest, just me feeling like I was in Florida!

This time round she actually wanted to set up yoga poses with one of the members of her class and we both did a bit of research on new looks and what we’d like to achieve.

Got over to the studio and it was a beatiful blue sky day so we decided to take it outside first and seize the good weather. Headed over to Hornbeam Park and spotted a nice zen like tree that felt like it needed some yoga underneath it, looked good. We then found some open space with a nice background of trees in the distance I could throw out of focus and it gave us a very different feel again.

On the way back to the studio there were lots of mottled shadows under the trees so we set up again and ran through some postures before the light changed.

Straight to the studio and a quick change of clothes and we were back on track. This gave us a real variety of images as if we’d shot over two days and two locations, bonus.